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Become a Coach

Become a Coach

As part of the training, I will help you:

• Learn the proven, step by step methods I’ve created for helping people figure out their life’s purpose and their Big Five for Life

• Get clear about who you want to coach (leaders, single moms, recent retirees…)

• Get clear about the ways in which you want to coach (one-on-one, presentations, workshops…)

• Identify your own personal brand

• Map out a step-by-step plan for launching your coaching practice

Join our team and help people discover their life's purpose.
It has been so TestLink inspiring to see the way people are positively changing their lives and the lives of others by applying the concepts I explain in my books. Young people, adults, leader’s within organizations….Thank you for your interest in becoming certified as one of my coaches.

I am honored you are interested in further sharing the concepts in your unique way and with your special energy and enthusiasm. 

The process to become a coach varies depending on which part of the world you are in.
In Germany, the Netherlands, and French Canada, it is possible to attend live trainings taught by my master trainers.

If you are located elsewhere in the world, the certification process is done through 10 video conference calls directly with me

Upon completing the coach training, and presenting three cases where you successfully used the materials to help clients, you will earn your certification. You will be assisted and supported through these initial client experiences.

The cost for the course is $3,000***. This includes the training and the right to use my materials for two years. After the two years are up, you will have the opportunity to continue on if you wish. The certification renewal is $2,495*** every two years. If you decide to stop coaching, then no further fees apply.

Included in your tuition, you will receive over $2,000 worth of my books and other materials to help you launch your coaching practice.

Often the best way to determine if this is the right time, or right coaching methodology for you, is to set up a brief call with me and discuss it. To do that, please send me a message and we’ll arrange a time to speak.

***Note: Prices identified here apply to coaches in North America only. Alternate packages apply for coaches in other locations.

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