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Big Five for Life Discovery Course - Online

Ready to discover your life’s purpose? Interested in getting clear about the five most important things you want to do, see, or experience during your life? Unable to attend one of our live courses?

Well, good news. No matter where you are in the world, or what kind of schedule you’re working around, you can gain those tremendous insights through our online courses. Any time, anywhere in the world, at the pace which works for your personality. 

Watch this short video for an inspirational introduction to the online discovery course

Big Five for Life Do It! Course- Online

Ready to live your life’s purpose, but feeling stuck? Interested in having your Big Five for Life at the forefront of your days, but not sure the way to do that? Prefer an online course where you can do things on your own and at a time that works with your schedule?

In this course, our online step by step process guides you to take your dreams and make them your reality. We help you avoid the most common pitfalls that crush people’s dreams. We teach you the most effective techniques to bring your dreams to life as quickly as possible.

When you are finished with this course, you will be in the midst of living your life’s purpose and fulfilling your Big Five for Life.

Watch this short video for an inspirational introduction to the Do It! course.

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