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During this course participants will become clear about their life's purpose.
​This two day course is based on the principles in The Why Cafe and Big Five for Life series of books I’ve written. 

Each participant attends for their own unique reasons. There are two general categories of participants who typically attend, though.

1. Those who have climbed above the noise of life and discovered within the silence, a deep calling to know and live their true destiny. For a long time, they have sensed that there is more to life than the typical day in, day out. They are seeking clarity about what that “more” is, and their role in it.

2. Those whose life has taken an unexpected turn. A job, relationship, or health change has left them wondering where the next part of their path lies? They are seeking clarity instead of confusion. A new direction. Their direction.

During this course, participants will become clear about their life’s purpose. The answer to the question—Why am I here? They will also identify the five things they most want to do, see, or experience during their life.

And, they will also gain new perspective about what is possible in their life.

To learn about the dates and locations for our upcoming courses, please send us a message along with your phone number. We have found that a brief phone call with one of our experts gives people the chance to ask their specific questions about the course. They also get to experience some of the energy of it as well.

So please send us a message and we’ll contact you back to arrange a call.

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