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We will help you bring the Big Five for Life concepts, techniques, and spirit into your organization.
​As I talk about in my books, when we are looking to advance our situation in a positive direction, the question to ask is not “How?” Far more effective is to ask “Who?”

Who has done, seen, or experienced what you want to do, see, and experience? Because that person can guide you farther and faster in a few hours than you could accomplish on your own after months and sometimes years of effort.

Over the years since The Big Five for Life book first came out, I’ve met a number of leaders who had read the book and were very inspired and touched by it. They were interested in creating the environments and cultures I’d described.

So they’d bought copies of the books, gave them to their people, had some initial discussions, and then weren’t sure where to take things.

If you are a leader looking for help bringing the Big Five for Life concepts, techniques, and spirit into your organization, we are the “Who” for you.

To most effectively learn about your unique situation and identify ways in which we can help, please contact us and we will set up an initial phone discussion.

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